Valley Trace Paving to Begin!

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The next phase of Harpeth Trace Estates’ long term re-paving is set to commence on Monday, June 23. The area to be re-paved this year includes all of Valley Trace Drive, Valley Trace Court, and Harpeth Oaks Court. Affected homeowners will be getting mailed and emailed notices this week. HTSA Board Members will also be walking the area and talking with residents in person. If you live in Harpeth Trace and do NOT get the neighborhood electronic newsletter – sign up HERE!!

We have contracted with Pavecoat, LLC to do the work. Our engineer is Brian Hamilton, P.E., of Nashville Civil, LLC is our Civil Engineer on the project.

Roads will remain open every day except for day Six. Subject to weather or other delays, on Monday 6/30, homeowners will need to make arrangements to stay off of the road from 7am-6pm. 

On days 3 and 4, new curbs and driveway aprons will be installed. The driveway aprons are concrete extensions of the curb that extend across the existing driveway. (pictured)

Driveway aprons

Once poured, they must not be driven over for 24 hours.

We are very excited to be getting underway with paving of Valley Trace. The work will address many longstanding drainage issues and less-appealing asphalt berms that have had to be poured in past years! The full schedule of work is reprinted below. Of course, it is subject to rain delays. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email

Daily Schedule: 

 Monday 6/23/14


Day One. Valley Trace Project. Prep work on manholes and drains.  Roads open.

Tuesday 6/24/14


Day Two. Curbs removed. PVC conduit trenches dug at intersections and PVC installed. Roads open.

 Wednesday 6/25/14


Day Three. Install new curbs and driveway aprons. Individual residents will need to stay off aprons on day of installation. Roads open.

Thursday 6/26/14


Day Four. Install new curbs and driveway aprons. Individual residents will need to stay off driveway aprons on day of installation. Roads open.

Friday 6/27/14


Day Five. Mill existing pavement. Roads open.

***Monday 6/30/14***


Day Six. Install new pavement. Residents will need to stay off roads from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Residents can park in four spaces by the guard house and on the Service Road across Highway 100 from our entrance during the day of paving. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Tuesday 7/1/2014


Day Seven. Backfill curbs, troubleshoot any punch sheet items, final inspection. Roads open.

2 thoughts on “Valley Trace Paving to Begin!

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of very high Driveway aprons as well ours, I was just wondering if they’re Planning to do another paving to bring the pavement up to the lip of the new Drive in Aprons?

  2. Hi Jamie and Rachel – the lip or “mountable curb” on the driveway aprons is as designed. The engineer’s spec on that was as high as 3″ for downward sloping driveways and significantly lower for those sloping up away from the street. While it is a bit of a surprise at first, it shouldn’t take long to get used to (my own was done three years ago and was quite a shock at first). To my knowledge, only one driveway apron in the newly paved area was excessively high, and has been remediated.

    A sealcoat is planned, but not an additional layer of asphalt.

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