Where is Spring…?

(or – “When Will Winter End?”)

Well, neighbors, it’s almost here. The official first day of Spring 2014 is March 20th – T-minus 14 days and counting! Harpeth Trace, and the rest of Middle Tennessee, have reaped the pain of multiple “polar vortices” that have gripped the nation this winter, without hardly any of the beautiful snow that at least makes such temperatures bearable. Even Huntsville got more snow than we did!

Harpeth Trace Snow

A much more idyllic winter scene of days gone by… (2012)

No.., instead we’ve had days upon days with lows in the teens and even single digits, burst pipes, and -after a teasingly warm handful of days – freezing rain and multiple fallen trees and limbs.

...not quite as pretty as the previous scene...

…not quite as pretty …

Fortunately, most (if not all) of the fallen trees and limbs seem to have avoided damaging much of anything, and many of our neighbors did a great job of clearing the roads quickly. It’s awesome the way we come together in times of need.

Needless to say, we’re stretching our ice removal budget a little this year, with multiple instances of needing salt applications. That’s the price we pay, living up on a hill in the woods. It doesn’t compare to what we would all lose in paychecks if no one could get down the hill… The forecast is calling for a few more night dipping below freezing, but hopefully (*fingers crossed) we’ve seen the last of the winter storm warnings and advisories for 2014.

Got any cool photos of the weather to share? Post them in the neighborhood forum! And what do you think about a big Spring Equinox party when it finally arrives? What are you going to do to celebrate?

Spring is trying so hard to break free!

Spring is trying so hard to break free!