HB 2060 and SB 2198 – Bad Bills for Harpeth Trace

UPDATE: On Feb 11, HB 2060 was pulled by Representative Durham. Hopefully it won’t be reintroduced in the future!

The HTSA Board was notified this week about a proposed bill being introduced this month in our Tennessee legislature. Representative Jeremy Durham and Senator Jack Johnson, both of Williamson County, are co-sponsoring a bill (HB 2060 in the House and SB 2198 in the State Senate) that seeks to significantly diminish the authority of condominium and home owner associations in Tennessee.

In condensed form, the bill would do the following:

1) make it illegal for HOA’s to make rules prohibiting parking on public streets. Our streets are private, so this should not affect us.

2) make it illegal for the HTSA to impose fines on members for any amount greater than our monthly dues. Our dues happen to be quite low. This would effectively nullify our fines for keeping storage PODS, dumpsters, or outhouses indefinitely on site – as well as any other fines the association should decide to impose in the future.

3) make it illegal for the HTSA to attach a lien to a property for delinquency in paying dues without first demonstrating the delinquency to a court.


Can we please NOT have this happen in Harpeth Trace?

4) make it illegal to place any restrictions whatsoever on political signs within the community. It is our understanding that this would outlaw even our current rule against political signs in the common areas. It would also nullify any rules an HOA has governing size and placement of signs, with respect to political signs.


You can read the full text of the proposed bill HERE.

Personally, I’m not offended by everything in this bill. Unfortunately, most of it is just bad. I don’t even think it is constitutional (we’re a member organization – why aren’t we allowed to set our own reasonable rules?). If you agree that this is bad for our neighborhood, please drop a call or an email to

Senator Jack Johnson at 615-741-2495 or via email at sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov


Representative Jeremy Durham at 615-741-1864 or via email at rep.jeremy.durham@capitol.tn.gov

There is a list of other House committee members to contact, and further discussion of the bill on our member forum.