HT Wildlife!

Few urban neighborhoods in any major metropolitan area offer the communion with nature that Harpeth Trace provides for its residents. Former resident Anne Olsen described ours as a “biophilic” neighborhood – and the term fits perfectly. Being in nature makes us healthier. The number of native tree species represented is enormous (if anyone wants to document them – email the webmaster!).¬†Mammals commonly encountered in the neighborhood include White-tailed Deer, Raccoon, Opossum…, of course Eastern Gray Squirrel and Eastern Chipmunk, but also Coyote, Red Fox, and even Bobcat have been seen here.

It’s the birds, however, that steal the show! Dozens of bird species call Harpeth Trace home at different points during the year; many others stop briefly during Spring and Fall migration. What birds can residents see here? Here is a photo gallery depicting just a fraction! If you have photos of bird or other wildlife¬†taken within Harpeth Trace – please let us know! We’d love to feature as many of them as we can here. All photos were taken in our very neighborhood, and all are by Graham Gerdeman, except as indicated.

If you have a question about a bird in your yard, you can probably find the answer on the Tennessee Watchable Wildlife page for Forest Birds! Bookmark it! It’s a fantastic reference.