Fourth Annual Harpeth Trace Picnic – Sept. 19!


The Annual Picnic is right around the corner! The event this year is Saturday, Sept. 19, starting at 4pm. Catered food from Jim N’ Nicks will be served at 5pm. Residents are invited to bring games, instruments, whatever you feel makes a picnic! Anyone who would like to organize related events earlier in the day is invited to do so – why not post them on NextDoor? We have the shelter reserved all day.

As in previous years, we will be at shelter #5 at Edwin Warner Park.

The picnic has been super popular and a great way to meet and network with neighbors. We hope this year will be bigger than ever. In order for us to plan our catering appropriately, please RSVP!

New HT Wildlife Page

HT Bird Collage

Check out the new Harpeth Trace Wildlife page! We love the biodiversity of our neighborhood, so we’ve got a new page to showcase and document it. Yes, your friendly neighborhood HT webmaster admits to being partial to the birds, but there’s some love there for the furry creatures too…

Our neighborhood in the trees is a perfect habitat for many native species of birds and other animals, and we’re a corridor between the Warner Parks and the soon-to-be-annexed Hill Property and Birch Reserve. High up on a hill, we’re also a prime stopping-off point for migrating forest birds.

If you’ve got pics of other species not represented, please share! Email them to They don’t have to be award-winning photos, they just have to be taken right here in the neighborhood.

Valley Trace Paving – Updates

This post will serve as an Updates page for paving in the Valley Trace area of Harpeth Trace. We will update this post with news as soon as it is available!

Tuesday – August 12

Apologies for the lack of updates – the paving project has been complete for a couple of weeks. The sealcoat application made the finished product look quite nice and the HTSA Board is working with a small number of homeowners to mitigate landscaping damage resulting from the curb work. Longstanding drainage issues have been corrected by the new curbing – and we’re done with the asphalt water berms!

Thanks again to everyone in our wonderful neighborhood for their patience and courtesy!

Friday – July 25

The HTSA Board has been working with homeowners to address landscaping and driveway issues resulting from the paving project.

Important: On Tuesday, July 29, Pavecoat will be back to apply a sealcoat to the newly paved surfaces. This should drastically improve the appearance of the asphalt, which was scarred significantly by the curbing equipment. Because of that scheduling problem, Pavecoat is applying the sealcoat at no charge.

There must be NO TRAFFIC on the applied sealant from 10AM – 1PM on Tuesday, 7/29.

Driving on the wet sealant will result in tires tracking black sealant onto your driveways, as well as impact the effectiveness of the layer on the street.

As always, please feel free to discuss this and all issues on the neighborhood forum (registration required). There is a thread to discuss the 2014 paving HERE.

Friday – July 11

Important Update: We have been notified that irrigation systems and sprinklers along Valley Trace Drive and Court, and Harpeth Oaks Court must be turned off or otherwise set to NOT RUN tomorrow. It is imperative that they not come on during curb placement.

The end is in sight!

Thursday – July 10

Further delays in laying curbs. We are told by Pavecoat, LLC, our paving contractor, that due to problems with subcontractor and availability of the curbing equipment, the curbs will (now) be installed on Saturday, July 12.

Monday – July 7

Driveways were prepared for concrete today – we have been informed that they will be poured tomorrow morning and residents should be able to drive into their driveways tomorrow afternoon. Curbs on the roads are now scheduled to be installed on Wednesday.

Once again, we can’t thank homeowners enough for their patience and understanding!

Thursday – July 3

Valley Trace Paved

We’re PAVED! The weather held yesterday and paving was completed in the project area. Thank you so much for everyone’s cooperation and patience. Residents are asked to please let the Board of Directors know immediately if there are problems or issues that need to be addressed.

Once again – curbing will take place early next week, with driveway aprons/ribbons being installed Monday and the remaining curbs on Tuesday. See below for specifics.

Monday – June 30

UPDATE – Due to conflicting schedules with the sub-contractor for curbing, the project manager with Pavecoat has made the decision to change the order of our paving schedule. Our engineer has approved the plan as sound, so we are proceeding accordingly.

TOMORROW – Tuesday, July 1: Surfaces will be prepped for paving. Roads will be passable, but patience will be required to get around machinery as needed. Please give yourselves some time to get in and out of home.

Wednesday, July 2: PAVING – Make plans to stay OFF of streets from 7AM – 6PM. In the event of rain on Wednesday, paving will occur Thursday, July 3. 

Curbs will be poured over two days on Monday, July 7 – Tuesday, July 8, weather permitting. On the first day, all driveway aprons will be poured. On the second day, the remaining curbs throughout the area will be poured. This schedule will permit street parking on Monday, while driveway entrances are impassable. The following day, residents will be able to move vehicles to their driveways while the remaining curbs are placed. We hope this makes the entire process easier. This schedule is, of course, still subject to interruption by Mother Nature.

Residents are asked to please bear with us for a week or so more of inconvenience for what we hope will be many years of enjoying good roads and storm water runoff improvement. The end is in sight!

Thursday – June 26

Curbs in the affected area have been removed; however, due to grinding equipment being ready earlier than expected, Pavecoat has informed us that now they are waiting for the curbing sub-contractors to install curbs and driveway aprons. This could happen as soon as Monday, but we do not have a definite date. We will do everything we can to inform you as much ahead of time as possible. Once formed, you will need to avoid driving over the apron for 24-hours.

Residents needing to use their driveway on the day curb aprons are installed will need to park in one of the designated parking spaces across from the guard house or on the service road across Highway 100. You cannot park on the affected streets because equipment needs to access the street in order to pour curbs. (There is also some limited street parking available further up Harpeth Trace Drive.)

We deeply regret the inconveniences and the changing schedule. Please email with immediate or specific concerns, or if you live in the affected area and have not received email communication regarding the paving.


Valley Trace Paving to Begin!

*Edit – for the latest updates on this project, click HERE *

The next phase of Harpeth Trace Estates’ long term re-paving is set to commence on Monday, June 23. The area to be re-paved this year includes all of Valley Trace Drive, Valley Trace Court, and Harpeth Oaks Court. Affected homeowners will be getting mailed and emailed notices this week. HTSA Board Members will also be walking the area and talking with residents in person. If you live in Harpeth Trace and do NOT get the neighborhood electronic newsletter – sign up HERE!!

We have contracted with Pavecoat, LLC to do the work. Our engineer is Brian Hamilton, P.E., of Nashville Civil, LLC is our Civil Engineer on the project.

Roads will remain open every day except for day Six. Subject to weather or other delays, on Monday 6/30, homeowners will need to make arrangements to stay off of the road from 7am-6pm. 

On days 3 and 4, new curbs and driveway aprons will be installed. The driveway aprons are concrete extensions of the curb that extend across the existing driveway. (pictured)

Driveway aprons

Once poured, they must not be driven over for 24 hours.

We are very excited to be getting underway with paving of Valley Trace. The work will address many longstanding drainage issues and less-appealing asphalt berms that have had to be poured in past years! The full schedule of work is reprinted below. Of course, it is subject to rain delays. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email

Daily Schedule: 

 Monday 6/23/14


Day One. Valley Trace Project. Prep work on manholes and drains.  Roads open.

Tuesday 6/24/14


Day Two. Curbs removed. PVC conduit trenches dug at intersections and PVC installed. Roads open.

 Wednesday 6/25/14


Day Three. Install new curbs and driveway aprons. Individual residents will need to stay off aprons on day of installation. Roads open.

Thursday 6/26/14


Day Four. Install new curbs and driveway aprons. Individual residents will need to stay off driveway aprons on day of installation. Roads open.

Friday 6/27/14


Day Five. Mill existing pavement. Roads open.

***Monday 6/30/14***


Day Six. Install new pavement. Residents will need to stay off roads from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Residents can park in four spaces by the guard house and on the Service Road across Highway 100 from our entrance during the day of paving. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Tuesday 7/1/2014


Day Seven. Backfill curbs, troubleshoot any punch sheet items, final inspection. Roads open.

the HT blog!

Ta daa!

This is the new landing page for Harpeth Trace’s very own blog spot! It’s just another way we hope to grow our sense of community in Nashville’s most beautiful neighborhood! Neighbors – please bookmark and check in often to see what’s going on!  We’ll post announcements (THIS ONE, for example), notifications, and just general articles of interest. Got an idea for a topic? I’ve started a thread on the topic in the neighbor forum HERE. Pop in an discuss! As soon as comments are enabled, you may leave them below.


HB 2060 and SB 2198 – Bad Bills for Harpeth Trace

UPDATE: On Feb 11, HB 2060 was pulled by Representative Durham. Hopefully it won’t be reintroduced in the future!

The HTSA Board was notified this week about a proposed bill being introduced this month in our Tennessee legislature. Representative Jeremy Durham and Senator Jack Johnson, both of Williamson County, are co-sponsoring a bill (HB 2060 in the House and SB 2198 in the State Senate) that seeks to significantly diminish the authority of condominium and home owner associations in Tennessee.

In condensed form, the bill would do the following:

1) make it illegal for HOA’s to make rules prohibiting parking on public streets. Our streets are private, so this should not affect us.

2) make it illegal for the HTSA to impose fines on members for any amount greater than our monthly dues. Our dues happen to be quite low. This would effectively nullify our fines for keeping storage PODS, dumpsters, or outhouses indefinitely on site – as well as any other fines the association should decide to impose in the future.

3) make it illegal for the HTSA to attach a lien to a property for delinquency in paying dues without first demonstrating the delinquency to a court.


Can we please NOT have this happen in Harpeth Trace?

4) make it illegal to place any restrictions whatsoever on political signs within the community. It is our understanding that this would outlaw even our current rule against political signs in the common areas. It would also nullify any rules an HOA has governing size and placement of signs, with respect to political signs.


You can read the full text of the proposed bill HERE.

Personally, I’m not offended by everything in this bill. Unfortunately, most of it is just bad. I don’t even think it is constitutional (we’re a member organization – why aren’t we allowed to set our own reasonable rules?). If you agree that this is bad for our neighborhood, please drop a call or an email to

Senator Jack Johnson at 615-741-2495 or via email at


Representative Jeremy Durham at 615-741-1864 or via email at

There is a list of other House committee members to contact, and further discussion of the bill on our member forum.